Tips For an Autism Friendly 4th of July

With parades, BBQs, and lights filling up the sky, the 4th of July is, for many of us, a fun weekend holiday. Although shining, loud fireworks are generally fun for the whole family, they can be ...

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8 Tips to Encourage Summer Reading

Research shows we all tend to learn more slowly in the summer than in the winter months.  Some students actually go into reverse and lose some of the reading skills they gained during the school ...

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Saving Your Sanity With Structure and Routine

In a typical school day, kids follow a carefully planned routine from the time they arrive to the time they are dismissed. They listen to announcements and eat lunch at the same time each day, ...

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Gearing Up For Summer

As Memorial Day approaches and marks the official start to Summer, here are a few safety (and sanity) tips for parents and families of children with autism, sensory processing disorders or other ... Read more

Special Ed: Transitioning To High School

Moving from middle school to high school can be both exciting and challenging for students. It’s a time when they will be meeting new people, learning from multiple teachers, participating in ...
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Find The Right School For Your Special Learner

Choosing a school for a child with unique learning needs can be overwhelming. Often the hardest part is knowing where to start. While every family will make decisions based on their child’s ... Read more

Paying for Special Ed in Ohio

Making the decision to enroll your child in a special needs school is an important one that requires exploring and evaluating all of your options. Traditional schools aren’t always equipped to ...
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